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Small in Stature
Astute by Nature

Our goal is simply to achieve yours, legally


what we mean by astute

as​tute | \ ə-ˈstüt | uh-stoot


having the shrewdness and ability to accurately assess your situation and turn it to your advantage


commitment commitment commitment

commitment commitment commitment


what we are all about

We’ve got your back . . . sides, and front

It takes a lot for a small outfit to say something this bold but ultimately, that’s what we do. Instead of parading our fancy law degrees and years of experience, our goal is simply to achieve yours.

We specialise in dispute resolution with an aim for a swift conclusion to our clients' civil, corporate and commercial disputes, achieving fair and just results. We also provide legal services in a growing spectrum of processes in non-judicial proceedings, i.e. alternative mechanisms for dispute resolution such as statutory adjudication and mediation.

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