what we are all about

"We find strength to take on cases where other lawyers turn their backs to"

provided always that the client is at all material times not an overly sensitive person with low self-esteem, terrible sense of humour and irrational religious beliefs, and that our fees are paid in full.

small by stature, astute by nature.

small by stature, astute by nature.


Set in an informal and comfortable setting, we at hky are approachable, personal and responsive. As our client, you are exclusive, your brief bespoke. We personally assess your situation in composure, and turn it in your favour. Clients come to us for our courage and direction. We are independent and we persevere. In finding your solution we are resilient, drawing on our writing and speaking skills to your advantage. We incorporate an astute grasp of human behaviour in our work. Above all, we treat you like family and we’ve got your back. Always.